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It is fear enough to say, that Rodion is one of the most attractive DJ’s in Latvia. He has played at the best venues in Riga and produced music for Markus Riva, Ryga, Andrea Benham(US), DJ ELLA and many more.

Rodion Gordin has started to DJ when he was in the age of 15 and since then, he has established himself as a professional DJ and producer working at the best night clubs, radio stations and production studios in Latvia. In 2013 he got his first record deal with two major German dance music labels “Kingdom Kome Cuts” and “Kontor Records”. His first official release “Love Me Right” in collaboration with famous Latvian duo “Dvines” was supported by leading Latvian radio stations, charted European Hit Radio “Top 40″ and entered “Dance Music Top 10″ in Latvian iTunes Store.

The same time, Rodion launched his side project “Backinsale”, that is more focused on underground club sound. Fisrt official release “Time 2 Go Back” was on 22nd of may 2013 on “Highlimit Records”.

In the end of July Rodion releases his second single “Tonight” in collaboration with young and talented singer Julia K. Track was supported by all the major Top 40 radio stations in the county, been spoted at #8 on “electro chart” and later hits #1 in “North America chart” on worldwide digital promotion service When it comes to ADE(Amsterdam Dance Event), dance music label “Kingdom Kome Cuts” featured “Tonight” on “Kingdom In Da House” compilation alongside Avicii, Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike, Swanky Tunes, Bingo Players, D.O.N.S, Seal De Green and others.

His third single “I’m Alive” was again recorded with “Dvines“. It was the first single that had an official music video shooted in the USA by Roman Lukyanenko.

In 2015 Rodion decided to make a bigger move and invited to collaborate on his song American singer Dustin Paul. The vocals been recorded in New York. A song “Starlight” was signed by one of the largest publishers in the USA “The Royalty Network, Inc” to their catalogue with support from radio stations across Europe.

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